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We recommend that you upgrade EFAK often to stay up to date with the latest fixes and enhancements. In order to make this a reality, EFAK upgrades are backward compatible and the upgrade process is simple and quick.

Upgrading is generally safe (between many minor and one major version) and dashboards and graphs will look the same. There may be minor breaking changes in some edge cases, which are outlined in the Changelog

1. Download

Go to the download page for the latest download links

EFAK Repository
Download http://download.kafka-eagle.org/

2. Extract

Extract the latest version of EFAK installation package:

tar -zxvf kafka-eagle-xxx-bin.tar.gz

3. Upgrade

Stop old EFAK server and replace new EFAK:

ke.sh stop
mv efak efak.old
mv efak-xxx efak
cp efak.old/conf/system-config.properties $KE_HOME/conf
chmod +x $KE_HOME/bin/*.sh
ke.sh start

4. Upgrade V1.4.8

Step1: System-Resource-Children, then create Hub links


Step2: System-Role-Administrator, then checked Hub option