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New alarm module, to pay attention to their own Topic alarm settings. No consumer information when Topic, more than the threshold, the alarm. At present, the alarm way through the message to the alarm, set as shown in the following figure:

Support IM

In addition to supporting email or webhook alerts, EFAK also supports im alerts, such as DingDing and WeChat.

Mail Or WebHook

First of all, it is necessary to configure alarm channels, select different alarm modes, and divide different alarm groups.


It should be noted that EFAK alarm mail uri:

Email or Webhook restful api server uri:""&msg="alarm msg"

Api server uri java code:

public class MailController {
    @RequestMapping(value="/email", method = RequestMethod.POST)
    public String sendPostMail(HttpServletRequest request) {
        // Send Alarm Message Interface
        System.out.println("[PUT] address: " + request.getParameter("address") + ",msg: " + request.getParameter("msg"));
        return "OK";

Mail By ServerAddress

If you have the username and password of the mail server, you can use the following method to set the information about your mail server into the following JsonObject