About Me


Smartloli, Senior Kafka technology practitioners and researchers, and Kafka technology has a very deep understanding and insights, has a wealth of practical experience. He once participated in the development of commercial Kafka prototype, and is the author of EFAK open source project, and has rich practical experience. Have a deep research on Kafka's source code, can complete the secondary development and solve various complex problems by modifying Kafka's source code. Keen on sharing, wrote a lot of technical articles about Kafka and shared them on my blog. Due to the high technical content of the articles, these articles are very popular.

Publish Books

First book published:

JD   DangDang   Amazon  

Second book published:

JD   DangDang   Amazon  


Teaching Video-Cases

In addition, we also recorded some teaching videos of Hadoop and Kafka related introduction and project practice for interested students to learn.

Open Source

At the same time, we write two kinds of middleware to assist learning.


  • Gmail: smartloli.org@gmail.com
  • QQ Group (Hadoop): 424769183
  • QQ Group (Kafka): 825943084